Clean Earth Capital is a sustainable and carbon neutral real estate company founded in 2006 by Philip H. Bay. Since its beginning, Clean Earth Capital and Mr. Bay have led several notable projects in America and abroad, and in 2011 Clean Earth Capital established Clean Earth Capital Serbia in the city of Nis and started the mixed-use project Novi Nis (New Nis).

As an emerging value-driven development company, Clean Earth Capital’s primary goal is to change the way real estate projects are conceptualized, designed, executed and understood by residents, occupiers, investors and the surrounding community.

Step by step and project by project, we aspire to lead by example and deliver non-mainstream building techniques, alternative energy solutions whenever possible, and foster design and material usage that will hopefully inspire the lives of our clients and partners.

Our company will strive to only develop and build structures that have a net zero carbon footprint by the end of this decade.